Voters turned away from Walvis prison

28 Nov 2014 22:00pm

WALVIS BAY, 28 NOV (NAMPA) ? More than 50 people who came to vote at the Walvis Bay Prison were turned away by correctional service officers Friday afternoon because the polling station was set up for inmates only. A mobile team started conducting the voting process at the prison at 12h00 after they finished working at the Narraville Police Station. Voters who had gone to vote at the prison said they felt bad that they have wasted money in paying for transport from Kuisebmund to the prison, which is about three kilometres away. The correctional service officers had to call in the Special Field Force (SFF) to get the voters to leave the premises, as they were refusing to leave. George Shilongo, who was turned away from the prisons polling station, said he is concerned that people might not get a chance to vote as they were being moved from one polling station to the other all day long. ?I am poor, so I do not care if I vote or not. I am going back home,? he said. George Pickering, one of the brothers in G3 music band, also said he is disappointed to be turned away after waiting at the prison for six hours. ?I am going home and I?ll maybe just search for another venue at around 19h00,? said the Olupandu hit maker. In response, Sergeant Thomas Danster of the Walvis Bay Correctional Services said only the inmates and the prison officials were allowed to vote at that venue. ?We do not know who informed them to come and vote here, but we cannot help them as it is not allowed,? said the sergeant. By 13h00, long queues were still visible at the Kuisebmund Community and the Hosiana Evangelical Lutheran Parish Church in Namibia (ELCIN), also in Kuisebmund. The same long queues were visible at around 12h20 at St Peter Roman Catholic Church in Narraville. (NAMPA) PKS/JK