Inmates and the aged vote at KHP

28 Nov 2014 20:10pm

KEETMANSHOOP, 28 NOV (NAMPA) ? Trial-awaiting prisoners, sentenced inmates and pensioners in old-age homes here also participated in the countrywide elections on Friday. The incarcerated citizens and those unable to visit polling stations due to old age and immobility voted at mobile polling stations. One mobile team covered the Keetmanshoop Police Station and by 18h00, 209 people voted for the presidential candidates, while 206 voted for their respective parties. These numbers include police officers and members of the public. The mobile team then proceeded to the Keetmanshoop Correctional Facility, where 19 male and two female inmates voted. The execution at the prison was smooth, quiet and clinical. Prison officers on duty and others off duty also voted at the polling station. The general public was excluded from voting there. The last site for the mobile team was the government-owned Gellapoost Research Farm outside Keetmanshoop. The second mobile team covered the two local old age homes, where they serviced the residents and members of the public. Ons Tuiste is a semi-private institution, where almost all 60 residents of the home voted, with the exception of a few who were too sick to participate. Pensioner Wapsie Cogill, 74, said she wanted to congratulate the Namibian Government on the use of voting machines and the efficient process. She said the only hold-up was with the voter verification device. Presiding officer for the mobile team, Haroldt Goliath could not give figures to Nampa of total votes at the time of request, saying his team was inundated and overwhelmed at the volume of voters from outside who visited Ons Tuiste and government-subsidised Daan Viljoen Old Age Home. //Karas Region Coordinator Berendt Both told Nampa in the late afternoon that the most challenging part occurred in the morning, but that the process was now smooth-sailing across the region. (NAMPA) PS/ND