Vendors profit from election day

28 Nov 2014 18:00pm

SAUYEMWA, 28 NOV (NAMPA) - Street vendors at Rundu and surrounding areas are capitalising on the one-day Presidential and National Assembly elections underway by selling their produce and goods near the polling venues. These vendors usually sell their products within the town?s central business district, but moved shop today to where people have gathered in large numbers to vote. Produce being sold include corn (mielies), fruit, fat cakes and soft drinks. One vendor at the Kehemu Community Hall polling station, Johanna Ndara, told Nampa that business has been good since polling commenced at 07h00. At the Sauyemwa Combined School polling station, over 10 vendors have lined up next to the entrance gate to the polling venue, enticing voters with their food and drinks, including the well-known and loved ?Sikundu?, a traditional soft drink made from sorghum. (NAMPA) OH/ND