Visually-impaired voters made to wait at Walvis Prison

28 Nov 2014 17:20pm

WALVIS BAY, 28 NOV (NAMPA) ? Two visually-impaired elderly people spent more than seven hours waiting to vote at the Walvis Bay Prison polling station on Friday. They are Naftali Thomas, 65, and Helena Shivute, 76. The pensioners arrived at the mobile polling venue before 07h00, but had to wait for all inmates to vote first. ?I wanted to take my grandmother back home because we were tired of waiting. She also complained of the cold. We thought they will help the elders first, especially those with special needs,? said one young woman who accompanied Shivute. In response, Sergeant Thomas Danster of the Walvis Bay Correctional Services said only the inmates and prison officials are allowed to vote at that venue. He said he would allow the elders to vote after the inmates. When this Nampa reporter left the venue at about 13h00, the elders were still in the queue. At the Narraville Police Station, about 300 people, including civilians, voted before 12h00. Political party agents from the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), United Democratic Front (UDF) and Swapo-Party were happy with the way things were going at the St Peter?s Church polling station. There are nine fixed polling stations and three mobile teams for each of the Walvis Bay Rural and Urban constituencies. Erongo Region has 104 297 registered voters. (NAMPA) PKS/ND