Born-frees ignored EVM education

28 Nov 2014 17:00pm

OSHIKUKU, 28 NOV (NAMPA) ? ?Born-frees? lining up to vote at the Nuuyoma Secondary School polling station here have expressed happiness to vote for the first time. These group of young people are called 'born-frees' because they were born after Namibia's independence in 1990. They are also excited to use electronic voting machines (EVMs) ? another first for them as well as the country and Africa as a whole. Namibians are voting in Presidential and National Assembly elections ? the fifth such elections since Namibia?s independence. Presiding officer at this polling station, Mbockoma Mungandjera told Nampa that by 14h00 some 500 young people have voted. He, however, expressed disappointment that most young people did not attend voter education on the EVMs, and are now asking for help to during the election process. ?They are future leaders but ignored the voter education process to make voting fast and easy for them,? he said. Petrus Simon, 19, from the Okaku village in the Oshikuku Constituency of the Omusati Region expressed happiness with voting and is hoping to see more development. ?I feel good to register my voice through voting. I am hoping the new government will make changes in the school curriculum,? he said, adding that it should also increase pensioners? grants. Wilhelmina Naikonda, 20, also felt good about voting, and said she looks forward to free education from Grade 1 to Grade 12. She never attended voter education sessions, but knew what to do on voting day because she watched adverts on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on how to use EVMs. Naftal Endjambi, 19, who attended voter education in Windhoek, said he has faith in the EVMs and hope that his vote will count. Erikka Fillemon, 18, wants to see more sports facilities at schools and more hospitals in the country. The Omusati Region has 176 fixed polling stations and 59 mobile teams. There are 12 electoral constituencies in the region. The region has a population of 135 693 registered voters, of which 82 541 are women while 53 152 are men. Voting is scheduled to end at 21h00. (NAMPA) ME/ND