ECN officials denied access to farm

28 Nov 2014 16:10pm
FARM DU PLESIES, 28 NOV (NAMPA) - Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) officials in the Okorukambe Constituency of the Omaheke Region, were on Friday forced to erect a tent in 'no-man's land' to serve as a mobile polling point.
A mobile team assigned to farms in that constituency put up the tent as an eleventh-hour effort to allow people to vote, after they were denied access to a farm that was intended as a mobile polling centre.
Nampa has learned that the owner of the Farm De Saal, located near Driemiopsis along the Gobabis-Otjinene road, locked the gates to his farm to prevent the election officials from entering the premises.
The identity of the farm owner could not be established.
The farm owner apparently travelled to a nearby farm to cast his vote there, before returning to his farm and locking the gate behind him to deny the ECN access.
The Okorukambe Constituency Councillor, Killus Nguvauva said the ECN, in consultation with his office, decided on the erection of the tent along the road near the entrance to the farm.
“Our main priority was to first save the day and allow as many people to cast their votes before we can decide on the course of action that will be taken against the said farm owner.
Elections are serious business in Namibia. No one is here to play. Denying access to people to conduct peaceful elections cannot be tolerated in a free country governed by the rule of law,” he said.