Khorixas gearing to attract more businesses

27 Nov 2014 10:50am
KHORIXAS, 27 NOV (NAMPA) - The Local Economic Development (LED) Officer at the Khorixas Town Council, Ester /Nanus on Wednesday said all the ervens in the town's central business district (CBD) have been sold out to new businesses that are to be set up at the town.
Speaking in an interview with Nampa on the development projects within the town of Khorixas, /Nanus explained that the ervens were sold to a mixture of business people – locals and outsiders.
She added that among the proposed businesses is a shopping complex to be constructed by a company called Red Cross Investment Holdings.
“They are planning to have a groundbreaking ceremony here in March or April next year to mark the commencement of the project,” she said.
/Nanus noted that Red Cross Investment Holdings will be responsible for the property development, and the shopping complex will consist of 11 units in a two storey building with four upstairs units and seven downstairs units.
The four units upstairs, she explained, will be used for institutional purposes such as government offices while the lower floors will be used for retailing.
/Nanus further said the council is lobbying and encouraging businesses such as retail outlets to come and open their shops at the town because there is a lack of competition among businesses in Khorixas.
The council has held consultations with various retail shops to encourage them to come and operate at the town.
“There is a lot of capital outflow here. People go to other towns to even buy food and clothes. There is no competition. Once the shopping complex is completed, it will serve the whole constituency because we have a big constituency including people from the surrounding farms,” she noted.
Another project envisaged for the town of Khorixas is the opening of Rare Earth Minerals mine, which is expected to create between 300 and 400 jobs.
/Nanus said the mine will be a huge economic boost at the town.
The LED officer, however, pointed out that there are still many services that are needed at the town, such as medical practices. At the moment, there is only one doctor who comes to town two or three times per week.
Other services that are desperately needed at the town include banking, Auto Teller Machines (ATM), restaurants and accommodation establishments.