Deon Struwig's speech at the TransNamib announcement of progress of turnaround strategy

November 26, 2014, 9:29am

Speech by Deon Struwig (from Transnet Engineering) at TransNamib’s Press Release in Windhoek


Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words at the 180-day Turnaround Plan feedback session.

In my humble opinion, TransNamib is at a crossroad:

·         One road without reliable/available locomotives and the other road with locomotives

·         The road without locomotives is just bad news! -  no additional volumes, no revenue, possibly no business eventually

·         The road with locomotives,  of which Transnet Engineering is very excited to be a part of,  is good news! - additional volumes / revenue, growth, job creation, and eventually sustainable business for a national asset like Transnamib.

Transnet Engineering will not only supply locomotives, but also assist / support TransNamib over the next 5 years with rolling stock operations & maintenance, to ensure sustainability in the railways for future economic  growth of Namibia.  

Transnet Engineering is humbly thankful to the Board of TransNamib for the opportunity to partner with TransNamib, taking the right / high road for future success,  together.

I can confirm that this business agreement is well aligned to Transnet Africa Strategy. 

In my view, this agreement is just the start of an exciting journey ahead for the two African neighboring countries’ railways to work successfully together for the benefit of both countries.