Domestic workers targeted by criminals at Avis

25 Nov 2014 12:50pm
WINDHOEK, 25 NOV (NAMPA) – There have been reports of a sudden upsurge in crime levels in the Avis suburb of the capital, increasingly targeting vulnerable residents and domestic workers.
These criminal activities range from house breaking to theft and robbery, and the increase in the frequency of their occurrence has driven some residents of the Avis suburb to start mooting the idea of establishing a neighbourhood watch.
According to residents, criminals have lately been targeting domestic workers even in broad daylight as the workers wait for municipal buses to take them back to their homes.
Some of the domestic workers told Nampa on Monday that they are scared because the robbers now opting to use force to relieve them of their belongings.
“We do not feel safe at all, and we have problems with the buses that we use because they often come late. They never come on time,” said Petra Kolman, a domestic worker who claims to be well aware of all the attacks and robberies in the area.
Another worker, Lena Veldskoendraaier also told Nampa that they are vulnerable while waiting for their transport.
“My family back home is waiting for my salary. If I get robbed, then they will all struggle to survive,” she said
She added that some taxis are in the habit of taking advantage of their vulnerability to rob them of their belongings.
Nampa also spoke to Essie Herbst, a caring employer who usually takes it upon herself to make sure that her employees are safely on the buses.
She urged all employers of domestic workers to make sure that they guarantee the safety of their workers.
“Know her by her name and get to know her residential address and household circumstances so that you can understand all her needs. Also, make sure you let your domestic worker leave on time so that they can be on time for their transport to take them home,” Herbst advised.