Ekandjo Donates N$50,000 to Orphanage Home

25 Nov 2014 11:00

MTC’s Chief Human Capital Manager, Tim Ekandjo has donated N$50 000 to Orphans Future Children’s Hope Home in Otjomuise Aagste Laan Informal Settlement in his own capacity.

More than 160 orphans are housed by the Orphanage, these are children from different cultural backgrounds and this orphanage receives very little funding to cater for the most basic needs of the children.

Ekandjo first visited the orphanage last year and ever since then he became a regular visitor and was touched by the positive spirit of the young kids.

 “I see myself in through these young children, they might have no homes and parents through no fault of their own but I know they have a desire to realize their dreams and ambitions one day and it is our responsibility to confirm to them that it is indeed possible through support,” he said. 

Ekandjo added that he made the donation on behalf of his family in the hope that none of these kids go hungry on any given day throughout  the year, because he knows how feels being on an empty stomach. 

“We cannot change the whole world at once, but we can change the lives of individuals’ one step at a time, and the definition of being successful will never be complete when your success does not allow those next to you to shine as well,” he added.

Caretaker and Principal of the Orphanage Flaviya Aipinge who manages and owns the Orphanage since its inception in January 2008, extended her sincere appreciation to Ekandjo and his family and thanked him for the generous assistance that will go a long way in assisting the Orphanage. 

“This is not the first time that Tim shows us love, he also assisted us in the past with meat so that we can feed these children,” said Haipinge and she further extended her appreciation and promised that the funds will be used for the purpose they were meant for.

Ekandjo then handed over early Christmas gifts to the kids who thoroughly enjoyed the event.