Who did Sulu and Bimp save and replace during nominations?

July 16, 2013, 2:46 am

Angola, Malawi and Uganda are out of the race. Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana still have both of their representatives in the house but who is most likely to get the boot on Sunday. Nominations went by smoothly and housemates seem to be adjusted well in the Big Brother House with 2 housemates leaving every Sunday, Nominations on Monday, things are running smoothly in the house.

In the Ruby house it seems like the housemates want Pokello and Elikem as she received 4 votes and him 3. Yes, Pokello has this distinctive atmosphere and quality about her that intimidates some viewers and housemates but I strongly feel that big brother also doesn’t like Pokello because most of the fake housemates chosen do not like Pokello and Feza, I would think he will try to balance the atmosphere, but hey, Pokello is a strong woman, no one could intimidate her in the house and I don’t think the fake housemates will pull that off. Sulu is head of house and he saved Elikem and replaced him with Angelo.

The diamond house on the other hand aimed for Bimp and Annabel followed by our very own Dillish, I was hoping she does not make the nominations list but When names were announce one could see the fear on her face, knowing that she does not have that chance to be saved because head of house is up for nominations as well and will most likely save himself. Indeed Bimp replaced himself with Bassey. The interesting part of this is that Bassey knew Bimp would put him up for nominations and before Bimp made it to the diary room, Bassey graciously stood and said “Africa please save me I know I will be up for eviction”. I have my fingers crossed for Dillish. Let us vote for our girl.

This is how the Diamond house nominated:

Annabel: Beverly and Bimp
Bimp: Annabel and Dillish
Bassey: Bimp and Annabel
Nando: Melvin and Dillish
Beverly: Annabel and Bassey
Dillish: Bimp and Nando
Melvin: Bimp and Annabel

This is how the Rubies house nominated:

Sulu: Pokello and Angelo
Elikem: Sulu and Angelo
Oneal: Pokello and Elikem
Feza: Elikem and Pokello
Pokello: Cleo and Feza
Cleo: Pokello and Elikem
Angelo: Feza and Cleo

Therefore housemates up for possible eviction come Sunday are; ANGELO, ANNABEL, BASSEY, DILLISH AND POKELLO.