Namibians should be innovative and produce: Schlettwein

22 Nov 2014 11:40am
WINDHOEK, 22 NOV (NAMPA) - Namibia’s productive capacity remains low while its financial sector remains risk averse and does not sufficiently boost the economy, says Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) Calle Schlettwein.
He said this during the Namibia Chamber of Commerce (NNCI) National Council meeting held here on Friday.
Participants discussed the implementation of the Competitive Agenda 2020 - an action plan to make Namibia the most competitive economy in Africa by benchmarking it international levels of competitiveness.
Schlettwein said Namibia is more of a nation of traders like buyers and sellers, instead of a nation of innovators and producers; and has more franchises than manufacturing activities mainly due its close relationship to the South African economy.
“We ought to find our own niche in the regional and global economy; sooner, rather than later,” he said.
The minister noted that this can be achieved through a close partnership between the public and private sectors.
“From the private sector, we require their commitment to rational but creative thinking, developing a perspective regarding the place Namibia deserves to take in the global economy and finding innovative solutions to the country’s challenges,” he said.