BBA Update: Emerald house come to life

July 15, 2013, 3:29 am

From the second week of the show Ik announced the prank of the fake Emerald house and housemates are made to believe that there is another house besides the Ruby and The Diamond house. Just when housemates were starting to be convinced that the Emerald house is Bogus and “kaboom” Saturday night party and there are 6 new housemates partying with them on the other side if the glass that divided them.

Big brother is trying to spice things up for viewers and the housemates. Imagine just when they thought their moving closer to the grand prize and to find out there is 6 more housemates competing in the game. Definitely a bummer! To make things clear, the Emerald house and housemates are not real, housemates are fake. Big Brother planed to slowly introduce the 6 housemates to the house through the crush wall, Friday for the Airtel Showdown. Big Brother will also merge the Ruby and the Diamond house this week.

The fake housemates are

-           Alusa from Kenya, he is 32 years old, he likes Pokello and his strategy is to have lots of fun and be focused on the mission.

-          Busi is 24, lady with the afro, she is from South Africa. In her interview she stated that she doesn’t like Feza, Selly and Beverly and fond of Dillish and Natsha.

-          Eveva from Zambia is the lady with the big curls and had on the outstanding rainbow skirt at the party. She is 26 and short tempered. She said she might not get along with Pokello

-          Jazz is the plum lady from Kenya, she is an actress and is 26 years old. Her favorite in the house is evictee Natasha, Sulu and Nando.

-          JJ is the 22 year old gentleman from Harare Zimbabwe and is in a relationship. His strategy is to feed of reactions and use reverse psychology.

-          Sofi is from Uganda and she is 22, she is a fashion designer. Pokello will be her weakness because she is such an angry person says Sofi and she likes Sulu and Cleo because they are from Zambia.

That is the low down of the fake housemates and that’s what’s up for now. Till nominations tomorrow. Sulu and Bimp are new head of house; do you think Bimp is capable of replacing our Dillish or saving her?? hmmmmmmm