BBA Update: Good bye Natasha and Selly

July 15, 2013, 3:28 am

It was only 6 days ago when we said goodbye to Hakeem and Fatima already we said good bye to Natasha from Malawi and Selly from Ghana. The competition is slowly approaching the time when that one housemate makes it to day 91 and for the US$300 000 to find its rightful bank account.

So far there are 14 housemates left in the house with Ruby and Diamond house having 7 housemates each. The Diamond house consists with the never swapped Dillish, Nigeria’s Melvin and Beverly, Bassey from Sierra Leone, Oneal from Tanzania, Zimbabwe’s Pokello and the silent Bimp from Ethiopia. The Ruby house has the 2 vibrant Zambians Cleo and Sulu, South Africa’s Angelo, Feza from Tanzania, Annabel from Kenya, Elikem from Ghana and Botswana’s Oneal.

The housemates have been living together for the past 46 days and relationships are built. Oneal and Feza are in a romantic relationship, how far this will go only time can tell, all I can say is Oneal is territorial with his woman and that mostly gives this relationship hiccups. Angelo and Beverly too developed a relationship, it is hard to describe it but they kiss a lot, they call each other “babe”, just Saturday Angelo fingered Beverly so he sexually satisfies her. I do not have an appropriate term for what is going on between Angelo and Beverly but something is definitely cooking. The controversial Elikem and Pokello, these two have grown closer this past week and I saw this coming, I mean the stumbling block is out of the way now (Evicted Fatima), Pokello has nothing to worry about but be with Elikem. Sulu and Selly were in a complicated relationship. Cleo and Hakeem got engaged, Dillish, Annabel Bimp and Bassey are “ridding solo”

Speaking of relationships the housemates are threatened by the fake housemates. Big brother introduced the 6 fake emerald housemates to the housemates on Saturday during the party, and for some reason they were threatened with Oneal, Bimp and Elikem encouraging each other to not be intimidated and that for them to be in the house is because they are at a level where they can be potential celebrities emphasized Elikem who seemed to be the housemate most disturbed by the Emerald housemates.

This coming week there will be lots of change and some of this change i will introduce to you in the next update called