November 17, 2014, 9:52pm


Customer Service Promise

Our mission is to solve customer queries within one visit or call to our Mobilehome and Call Centre.

Our mission is to solve customer queries within one visit or call to our Mobilehome and Call Centre.

We will:

·         Smile and greet you with a friendly “Good day, how may I help you”, at all times

·         Treat you in a courteous and friendly manner always.

·         Listen attentively to your query.

·         Always deal with and solve your query and problem, no matter how many calls we have to make to do so

·         Explain technical issues in layman’s terms.

·         Respect your privacy and treat your information in highest confidence.

·         Tell your friends if you’re satisfied with our service, if not please call us on 120 or 130 or e-mail us on

Quality Policy Statement

MTC is committed to establish an integrated quality management philosophy into all spheres of our activities, as well as complying with relevant legislation. Rendering service of exceptional quality has become the differentiating factor in Namibia and is imperative at all levels. Providing quality service to our customer is the basis of MTC’s operations and the reason for our success.

MTC is committed to:

·         Continuously improve the service delivery to our customers, making available innovative - yet affordable – communication solutions and value adding services to Namibians

·         Supporting the development of our collaborators by promoting a healthy and stimulating environment, whereby creativity, achievement of goals, performance and team spirit is awarded

·         Promote open dialogue, to hone and utilise the diverse experience, knowledge and skills of employees

·         Nurture profitable relationships with our partners by providing opportunity for social and economic growth within communities we operate.

·         Ensuring quality interactions throughout MTC, is a catalyst for continuous development and growth. It is essential that all employees consciously focus on adding value in their day-to-day operations.