Amupanda's response to claims about land ownership

November 13, 2014, 2:38pm

In Response to Puppets claims that I Have Land


13 November 2014


Puppets had late meetings with some Councillors who took our application letters to want to create confusion. In all their evening meetings our people are always there and they tell us all their dirty tactics. They are claiming that I have land. This is what they told the leadership, no wonder the events turned the way they did. 


If I have land where is the title deed? When did I buy it? What was the cost of that land? 


When this whole thing started I was on record indicating that my application has been in the municipality bureaucracy for close to two years now. Both newspapers have report that. Why puppets in their late meetings do not acknowledge that is puzzling. 

We (myself and other youth) applied for land in Wanaheda, through Racoon Investment. We fought hard, and our application was rejected on baseless grounds. Find this letter attached (Browny Response). We wrote an appeal (find it attached) until it can back into the bureaucracy. The council subsequently sent it to property divisions who have been seating on it ever since. We made several follow ups (in person and telephonic). One of the follow up letters is as attached. It is that application which has been in the municipality bureaucracy for two years now. Next year it's going to be the third. While ours is taking long, some others that came after us are being concluded. That is what I have consistently maintained.

Puppets can have late meetings all they want, find my land applications all they want but they will never succeed. Am not shaken by lies, for I know that am on the side of truth!



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