Govt. seagoing staff will not vote on Friday

13 Nov 2014 12:00pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 13 NOV (NAMPA) – About 30 seagoing staff of Government-owned fishing company Seaflower will not vote on Friday.
The acting chief executive officer of this company, Mike Nghipunya told Nampa the workers will vote during the general elections on 28 November.
“Because of the October hake closure we had, we cannot afford an interruption at this point, so we have taken the option for our seagoing personnel to vote with everyone else on 28 November,” he said on Wednesday.
Nampa phoned several Lüderitz-based fishing companies to enquire about their readiness for the upcoming special elections of seagoing personnel.
Marco Fishing gave the thumbs-up when quizzed about their arrangements.
Its administration manager Sonia Bergh told Nampa that all their seagoing staff will be on land on Friday to cast their votes. The company has three fishing vessels; one in Lüderitz and two at Walvis Bay.
“Two of our vessels have already docked, the last one will come in on Friday morning,” she said.
Bergh said the company wanted to ensure full compliance to enable all staff to participate in the elections.
“We interrupted our regular fishing schedules and made changes to guarantee that the seagoing personnel are back on land for Friday,” she said.
The three Marco Fishing vessels have an approximate total of 90 employees on board.
Group human resources manager of Novanam Fishing, Francis Kawana said the company’s eight vessels will all be docked and their 220 seagoing staff members will all be on land to vote on Friday.
“To vote is a good thing and everyone must get a chance to vote, so we are happy that all our personnel can have an opportunity to do so,” Kawana said.
Novanam employs around 2 100 people.
The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) said all arrangements are on track for the upcoming elections at Walvis Bay and Lüderitz.
“We have six people from the ECN who will be part of the polling process at Lüderitz, and there will be police officers, official observers and party agents as well to ensure the smooth-running of this auspicious event,” said ECN Communications Officer Vikitoria Hango on Wednesday.
The elections will take place at the German Hostel Hall in Lüderitz.