Job Amupanda's resignation letter in full

November 13, 2014, 10:04am

Job Amupanda's resignation letter in full  


12 November 2014


Comrade DR. Tjitunga Elijah Ngurare                                                                                   

Secretary of Spyl

SWAPO Party headquarters


Dear Comrade Secretary,

Re: Resignation from the Spyl National Executive Committee

Revolutionary  greetings comrade Secretary.  I hope that this letter finds you in good spirit as you stir this ship, our ship; the militant SPYL. You, as always, done well in driving this ship. Out of necessity, allow me to reflect.

Before 2007, all we knew about SPYL existed. After 2007 the SPYL established itself as a critical body of opinion not only within the SWAPO party but also in the whole country. With the injection of the majority of young people within the top leadership of the SPYL after the 2012 congress, the SPYL not only remained a critical body of opinion but begun to tell the party and society that the status quo can no longer be tolerated and that the country needs to move towards radical solutions to many questions facing society.  Such a posture of course caused those that benefit from the status quo to be opposed to the SPYL and its leadership for to them the SPYL represents a threat to their privileged positions.  So they began pulling their moorings and assuming offensive postures.  But our youth were always opposite; they became attracted to the SPYL and its politics.  It is for this reason that in 2013 we ran out of membership cards.  Indeed, it is for this reason that we have more members than the party.  As all these things were unfolding, you led the SPYL well even during the most difficult times when belligerent forces had only one objective in mind; the dethroning of SPYL leadership using elements inside and outside the SPYL.  That is our story, it is long and that is only a short reflection.

I have been part of the SPYL since 2004 and took up leadership in 2007 at a section, then branch.  The subsequent years I took up leadership at the district, region and thereafter national.  From 2006 to date I have personally recruited more than 600 youth to join the SPYL.  Before anything else, I had always been an activist.  My politics has not been just politics for its sake but for transformation of our society.  I have been very clear and continue to be on things that underpin my activism.  One of the things I am clear about is owning myself; it is a principal that is scared to be me which I will never trade for anything even in difficult times.  I have always reused to be a consequence and extension of other people’s opinions and imaginations.  Indeed, I have always refused and will continue to refuse to be reduced to a jacket of someone or some people.  Freedom of thought and expression are things I consider dear.  It is the same with justice (as in fairness) and truth.  I have a well-known bias towards the oppressed poor black people and critical of the elites and the bourgeoisies.  I am very biased, of course, to the youth, that I represent.  Expectedly, those opposed to these principles, those who think our role must be tea boys clapping hands and singing songs found my character alien for they are used to obedient zombies who ask no question and get rewarded for their meritocracy and for maintaining silence.  You have been very supportive comrade secretary and allowed me and other young people to own ourselves and find compatibility amongst ourselves, the organization and the greater collective.  For that I am grateful.

As you are aware, attempts are being made to place the above principles on auction.  To reduce me  into a jacket, a consequence and extension of other people’s opinion.  To reduce me into a silent zombie with no opinion but to clap hands and sing songs. It is being made clear that I must appear indifferent even when those we represent are desperately looking for someone to stand up for them. This, comrade secretary, I cannot allow. I refuse to turn the other cheek to be slapped as would the biblical character we read when we read when we were young. The situation has become untenable. It has become so untenable such that being in the National Executive Committee has clearly come to mean something different from what some of us thought it was I am unable to continue serving as secretary for information, Publicity and Mobilization. I will, more however, remain a member of the SPYL Central Committee.

I will concentrate more on my activists’ campaigns and will spend more time in villages and rural communities that need my help the most .I will spend more times lobbying resources for youth and their activities. For the immediate, I will concentrate my efforts to Affirmative Repositioning, mobilizing youth so that our leaders can realize how serious the issue of land is a cause that I am committed to see thought to its logical conclusion. I will also continue campaigning for the party and candidate to win overwhelmingly. I will particularly take the campaign to clubs, bars and other places where the youth are.

You must continue leading us comrade Secretary. The youth league must not surrender and reduce itself to a club of water boys and girls clapping hands and singing songs. The SPYL is the only hope for our youth and must remain so. As a member of the Central Committee I will continue attending Committee meetings.

I hope you find the above in order.


Comradely Regards

Job Shipululo Amupanda

SPYL Central Committee member