Drogba visits Namibia

10 Nov 2014 16:00

Chelsea and former Ivory Coast footballer, Didier Drogba is in Namibia on a short promotional tour for Namibia Breweries.

Drogba who was speaking at a press conference held at the Hilton Hotel in Windhoek earlier said he was happy to be in Namibia and said given a chance he will come back. “I just want to say thank you for having me here, I am honoured to be here. It has been many months that I have been in Africa and for Namibia to work with me on this fantastic project it’s really a great thing.

For me to be part of this project I feel nice because I started young and nobody knew me and to be part of this project is a great feeling. Thank you Namibia,” he said. Asked whether if he had tasted Windhoek Lager before, Drogba said, “I never drank it before but when I was in South Africa my friends were saying it’s a nice beer but that time I was only drinking beer which has my name on it. But when Windhoek Lager conducted me to work on the project, I told my friends…hey guys you know the beer you were drinking in South Africa…ou well I am going to work with that,” he said with a laugh.

Drogba who was also at the Sam Nujoma Stadium to meet the public then said Africa must give youngsters a chance and believes that there are talents in Africa that need to be discovered. “We have to believe that there are good players in Africa and we need to give them chance to play for the best clubs in the World.”

The Executive Chairperson of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies, Sven Thieme welcomed Drogba and wished him well on his endeavors. Drogba worked with NBL for their Windhoek Lager’ Pan-African advertising campaign. The project which also has video which was shot in Turkey had resulted in Drogba pocketing N$12m over two years. He is set to leave the country for his home land, Ivory Coast tonight.