Mutjavikua pleads for a accident-free festive season

09 Nov 2014 13:40pm
SWAKOPMUND, 09 NOV (NAMPA) – Erongo Regional Governor, Cleophas Mutjavikua, has urged Namibians to be more patient on the roads when driving, to avoid the loss of lives through car accidents.
Mutjavikua, who made the remarks at the Erongo Road Safety Forum mini-conference held here on Thursday, said the impatience of drivers is a huge contributor to road accidents.
“We are totally impatient. I do not know why, maybe the analysts must find out and tell us. The fact is we really need to change our attitudes on the roads,” Mutjavikua said.
Mutjavikua urged all road users to exercise patience and respect the rules of the road to save lives. He noted that there are lesser people and vehicles in Namibia compared to more populated countries such as Indonesia, but Namibia has more road accidents than Indonesia.
The governor said such a country has less road accidents because drivers follow traffic rules.
He indicated that too many road carnages would scare tourists to come to Namibia.
“We are a country that attract tourists from different corners of the world, especially those coming to the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. If we are not careful, such people will fear coming here because they regard our country as a danger zone,” said the Erongo Region's political head.
Mutjavikua cautioned drivers using the road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, as well as the Swakopmund-Karibib road to drive carefully this festive season, as these roads are often congested.
Mayor of Swakopmund, Juuso Kambueshe, said traffic officers and other law enforcement officials should be visible everywhere on the roads to slow traffic down.
Kambueshe said currently, the visibility of traffic officials mounting roadblocks is not satisfactory as drivers still speed and cause accidents.
“The current situation is not working at all. People start speeding immediately after the roadblock, so we need to do something to avoid reckless driving,” said Kambueshe.
Additionally, children should be taught the rules of the road and discipline at a younger age in an effort to nurture responsible drivers for this country, Kambueshe emphasised.
Also speaking at the event, the commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Erongo Region, Commissioner Samuel //Hoebeb said his force will continue to enforce the law to the best of their abilities.
“From the side of the police, we are ready for the festive season. We are prepared to do our job and avail ourselves to those who need help from us,” //Hoebeb said.
The meeting was held to discuss ways on how to increase safety on the coastal roads ahead of the festive season.
More than 50 people, including officials from the National Road Safety Council, attended the meeting.