APP prepared to end poverty when elected into power

09 Nov 2014 13:10pm
RUNDU, 09 NOV (NAMPA) - The All Peoples Party (APP) is prepared to end poverty if it is elected to power come 28 November, the party president said here Saturday.
Addressing APP members, supporters and sympathisers at a relatively packed Rundu Sports Stadium, APP President Ignatius Shixuameni called on party members not to allow the Swapo Party to continue plunging the country further into corruption, hunger and poverty by giving it another mandate.
The APP president stated that his party is prepared to fight and end the country’s poverty history if given a chance to rule the country. He said elderly pensioners will each receive N.dollars 1 500 a month if the APP is elected to power, noting that the N.dollars 600 grant that pensioners currently get does not address the needs of the elderly.
The APP leader, who is also the party’s presidential candidate for the November election, said once the party is given the mandate to govern the country, it will make education free from pre-primary up to university level.
Vocational studies will also be free because the country’s youth, who make up the majority section of the population, are unable to further their studies due to a lack of funds.
According to him, once the APP is given the power to govern, it will be fighting to ensure that the livelihood of every citizen is improved through the building of affordable decent housing.
Shixuameni labelled the government’s mass housing project as an ’insult to the intellect of the Namibian citizens', because the government does not seem to recognise the value and worth of its citizens.
He said the houses contracted under this programme are not only unaffordable, but also too small, comparing them to 'matchboxes'.
“The livelihood of the common Namibian men and women must improve. We will put them (Swapo) to shame at the polling stations come 28 November,” the APP presidential candidate said.
According to him, the Swapo-led government has brought nothing to the people apart from the drought relief aid.
He told the gathering that the Swapo Party’s presidential candidate Dr Hage Geingob has been part of the failed Swapo-led government since independence, and as such there is nothing new that he could bring to the people.
The APP president called on eligible voters to support his party because it represents the voices of all citizens in the country, rubbishing reports that the party was only formed to serve the interest of inhabitants of the two Kavango regions.
He encouraged those who are disappointed with the Swapo-led government to go and vote for the APP, instead of staying away from the voting booths.
The APP leader also urged eligible voters to ensure that they wake up early on polling day on 28 November to cast their votes for the party.
The APP rally was attended by the party’s vice-president Madala Nuyoma, as well as several other senior party members who are on the party’s list of candidates for the upcoming National Assembly elections.