Birth concealment charge changed to murder

09 Nov 2014 10:40am
WALVIS BAY, 09 NOV (NAMPA) – The 24-year-old mother of a newborn baby that died after her mouth was stuffed with toilet paper at Walvis Bay last week, will be facing a charge of murder.
The accused, Naambo David was initially charged with concealment of birth, but the State changed the charge to one of murder when she appeared before Magistrate Vicky Nicolaidis of the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.
The court granted the accused bail in the amount N.dollars 2 000 and postponed the case to 09 December 2014 to allow for further police investigations and to enable the accused to apply for legal representation.
Prosecutor Eden Iyambo is representing the State on this matter.
The incident in question allegedly happened at a shack in Walvis Bay’s Kuisebmund residential area last Monday at around 15h30.
It is suspected that the baby died after her mother, who had been pregnant for the past nine months, gave birth to the baby on her own and then stuffed pieces of toilet paper into her mouth, probably to keep her from crying and alerting the neighbours.
Court documents indicate that the body of the baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag under David’s bed, in the very shack where she had delivered her hours earlier.
The woman allegedly gave birth on her own as nobody was aware of her pregnancy because she had kept it a secret.
It is also indicated that David’s uncle called the police on her after he became suspicious that his niece might have given birth and killed the child.
It is suspected that her intention was to kill and dump the baby elsewhere.