Creating an Efficient Office

November 6, 2014, 10:15am

Creating an Efficient Office

Samsung brings office automation and printing solutions to Namibia


Samsung Electronics is introducing an array of rich solutions in office automation and printing to the business to business (B2B) sector in Namibia. These enterprise-level solutions address the needs of the B2B market and are designed to drive connectivity, collaboration and corporate flexibility.


The Samsung range of products within this arena taps into the latest technology and trends to ensure customers experience seamless integration and remain globally relevant.


“Samsung has applied its global network, innovation design and deep understanding of how people use technology to its B2B offering in Namibia,” says Mike van Lier, Divisional Head of the Enterprise Business Team (EBT) at Samsung Electronics SA. “At Samsung, we don’t just throw hardware at the enterprise; we connect devices and craft solutions that ensure that Samsung customers always get the best service and delivery alongside improved operational efficiencies and growth.”


Samsung’s offerings across both the office automation and printing product ranges are diverse, adaptable and cater for an array of B2B markets and verticals.  There is the NFC line-up of high speed printers - the Xpress Series that delivers hassle-free prints using mobile devices and technology; and the reliable ProXpress series that blends NFC with Wi-Fi for complete mobile printing across a range of devices.


For the smaller business, Samsung has the Business Core Printing Solution (BCPS), a suite of offerings that deliver a seamless workflow experience. These are designed to reduce costs, provide serverless printing and cut down on IT resources. Furthermore, there is the XOA Embedded platform, released by Samsung in 2010. This flexible and powerful open platform runs business solutions across printers and MFPs (multifunction printers) and is compatible with a variety of devices from low-end A4 MFPs to high-end A3 copiers.


“BCPS comes in two solution packages, entitled the Business Core Document Management Pack and the Business Core Output Management Pack. Both of these deliver superior office automation and printing capabilities to the business,” says van Lier. “Each of these packs fit seamlessly into the IT and office ecosystem and improve productivity and efficiency.”


Customised integration and tailored product implementation form the core of the Samsung B2B solution and hone its focus on providing the simplest and most effective answer to any business’ requirements.


“Samsung applies its rich repository of globally inspired knowledge to provide the B2B sector with robust office automation and printing solutions,” says van Lier. “These can be customised to suit any size of business in any vertical sector, and we cultivate solutions that map back to the unique requirements of each market. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the Namibian B2B market to create the business of tomorrow.”