No more water crisis at Ariamsvlei

14 Jul 2013 08:00
ARIAMSVLEI, 14 JUL (NAMPA) - The water crisis experienced at the Ariamsvlei border post over the past three months has been solved, after a blocked pipe which supplies water to the border post was replaced.
The Chief Control Officer at Ariamsvlei settlement, Siegfried //Areseb confirmed to Nampa on Sunday that the water connection at the border was restored last Saturday.
The lack of water at the border post forced some visitors to Namibia to relieve themselves in the bushes surrounding the entry point as the toilets were closed.
//Areseb said everything is back to normal and tourists are now free to use the toilets when they enter and leave Namibia.
?It was noticed that the old pipe was blocked by chlorine, so it was replaced with a new one and the water is now connected,? he explained.
Earlier this month, two employees who take care of the toilets there told this news agency they have been fetching water in buckets from a tap at a nearby construction site to clean the toilets.
?People come here and the toilets are closed, so they go to the bushes and behind the toilets walls to help themselves. Some even just ignore the ?out of order? notice we put there and use the dirty toilets,? Patricia Afrikaner said.
Theresia Rooi stated that the lack of water put them in a difficult and humiliating situation.
?You can see how dirty that wall is. It?s because people are relieving themselves on it. We are in a difficult and humiliating situation, so I hope the responsible people will solve the problem soon,? Rooi said.
Ariamsvlei is situated 110 kilometres east of Karasburg at the border between Namibia and South Africa.