Nudo shoots down Swapo-Party aspirations in Aminuis

14 Jul 2013 06:10
GOBABIS, 14 JUL (NAMPA) - The battle for political dominance in the Omaheke Region?s Aminuis Constituency continues between the constituency?s main political rivals, Swapo-Party and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), ahead of the 2014 polls.
The Nudo constituency leadership has come out guns blazing against an earlier Nampa report which highlighted Swapo?s intention of taking over Aminuis during the 2014 general elections.
The report quoted Swapo leader assigned to the Omaheke Region, Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange as saying Swapo will claim the Aminuis Constituency during the 2014 polls.
He said this while addressing a groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of the construction of a new party office in Aminuis last week.
In a media statement issued on Friday, Nudo?s Aminuis Branch Secretary for Information, Sagarias Komeheke said Nudo will not sit idle and watch Aminuis fall to the ruling party.
He said the party?s ?machinery? is in top gear, mobilising its members to come to the ballots en-masse come 2014 in order to ensure that Swapo?s intention to claim the constituency becomes a pipe dream.
?The Nudo branch executive wishes to assure Swapo and any other political party which has aspirations to capture the Aminuis Constituency at the ballot box, that Nudo is going to give them a great run for their money and still beat them handsomely come any elections now and in the foreseeable future,? the statement reads.
The party also took strong exception to reports that paid-up Nudo members are hibernating in Swapo in the Aminuis Constituency, noting that it was in fact a ?tiny group of trouble makers that left Nudo for Swapo? who are now at the forefront of dividing Swapo in Aminuis.
According to Komeheke, this group aspires to unseat old party cadres in the constituency for their own gain, which was apparently not received well by Swapo old guards in Aminuis.
He said the divisions within the rank and file of the Swapo-Party in Aminuis was glaringly clear during the ?so called ground-breaking ceremony a week ago?, as the event was apparently marred by the absence of Swapo cadres.
Komeheke in the statement noted that Aminuis will remain under the leadership of Nudo for many years to come, given the party?s support base in the region.
?Nudo reiterates that Dr Ernst [Ngarikutuke] Tjiriange?s ghost will maybe witness that day and he will turn in his grave 20 years down the line as he will be no more when that miracle he and his peers are having nightmares of, ever happens. That miracle will simply not happen during his lifetime and in the lifetime of many others,? the Nudo Aminuis Branch Secretary for Information said.
Aminuis and Otjinene are Nudo?s strongholds in the Omaheke Region, and the party is yet to lose an election in these constituencies.
The ruling party has however made considerable inroads into the regional leadership, claiming the remaining five constituencies in the Omaheke Region.