Pohamba wants 85 per cent of votes for Swapo

03 Nov 2014 09:10am
OSHIKANGO, 03 NOV (NAMPA) - President Hifikepunye Pohamba wants the Swapo-Party to win the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections with 85 per cent of the votes to be cast.
Addressing a Swapo-Party election campaign rally at the Oshikango suburb of Helao Nafidi in the Ohangwena Region on Saturday, Pohamba, who is also Swapo president, once again called on the Namibian electorate to vote for 'overwhelmingly' for the party.
He also told his audience that Swapo is the right party to vote for during the elections due to take place on 28 November, because “it has a track record of introducing various successful projects that are earmarked for the country’s development”.
“You must vote for the party which is able to deliver and I also want you to vote for comrade Hage Geingob, who is the presidential candidate of the Swapo-Party in this elections,” said Pohamba.
Although he urged Namibians to exercise their constitutional and democratic right to elect the political parties and National Assembly (NA) leaders of their choice, the Head of State, however, referred to Geingob and the Swapo-Party NA candidates as “the right choice”.
He referred to Geingob as the right presidential candidate because “he is the Prime Minister of this count said he wants only Geingob to take over from him when he steps down as the Head of State of Namibia on 21 March next year.
“I want to give the presidential seat to a person with know-how, which is Geingob in this case,” he explained.
Pohamba told those present that the party will stick to the maximum of two five-year terms for the President of the country as required by the Namibian Constitution.
“In other countries, presidents ask the Parliament to change the Constitution for them to remain presidents for more years at the end of their office terms. We are not going to do that because we respect our Constitution,” he said.