Kaapanda launches NNP mass media campaign

31 Oct 2014 18:10pm
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – The Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Joel Kaapanda launched the Nationhood and National Pride (NNP) mass media campaign on Thursday.
NNP is a campaigning tool designed to engender a collective spirit of patriotism in the country and to create a caring society. President Hifikepunye Pohamba launched the NNP campaign in April 2011.
Speaking at the event, Kaapanda noted that a journey has begun to create a new generation of young Namibians equipped with honesty and desire to serve their country and keep Namibia proud.
“Tonight marks the start of a journey to intense activities aimed at creating awareness and educating the masses on the need to fight tribalism, racism, violence against women and children, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. These social vices have the potential of destroying the social fabric of our society and reverse the hard won gains of our independence,” he said.
As part of the mass media campaign, Namibians came together to produce television profiles and radio events that tell personal inspiring stories which are relevant to the national pride.
Kaapanda called on the youth to be on the forefront of promoting the campaign by mobilising Namibians of all age groups to internalise the spirit of ‘one Namibian, one nation’.
He pledged Government’s determination to ensure that no citizen will ever feel left out in the process of nation-building and the quest to attain Vision 2030. The youth should ensure that Vision 2030 is achieved by making the right choices that embrace unity of purpose and national pride, Kaapanda said.
However, the major challenge is to ensure that regional authorities take ownership of the implementation of this national programme at the regional level. Kaapanda appealed to regional and local authorities to take ownership of this campaign as a national project and spread its aims and objectives in their respective towns and villages.
Along with different stakeholders, the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology organised mini launches in all regions which resulted in awareness creation of this national cause, except for in Kavango East and Kavango West. These regions are still to be visited during the course of this financial year. Other activities such as civic education at schools and amongst communities are ongoing.
“The success of this NNP campaign will benefit all stakeholders and it is on this basis that I would like to ask the private sector to play a critical role in ensuring that the campaign achieves its objectives. We should all contribute resources to this national cause in order to take it to a logical conclusion,” the minister said.