News - Customer service awards set for November

October 29, 2014, 4:04pm

WHICH industry and company will win the overall prize for best customer service in Namibia?

Will it be a bank, insurance company or energy service? Supermarkets, the darlings of customer service in the UK and Europe, how will they fare in Namibia? Would people rather trust their security to G4S than to the Police? And Home Affairs, though they are making great strides, have they reached average performance yet as perceived by the over 7000 responses collected on customer service?

Truly the Namibian people have spoken loud and clear in this first national survey of customer service ever conducted in Namibia.

The survey was conceived and commissioned by the Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business of the Polytechnic of Namibia as part of a campaign to promote excellent customer service in Namibia.

Professor Grafton Whyte, director of the HP-GSB, says the aims of the campaign are threefold, to start a conversation in the nation about customer service, to raise awareness of the benefits and initiate a movement, not a one-off event towards excellent customer service. The survey was undertaken by Business Intelligence Africa (BIA) a local research company is the first step in this movement.

“When we approached this problem there was very little data available, lots of anecdotes, lots of opinions but no hard evidence. We at HP-GSB decided that we would collect the hard evidence and create a basis for action that if successful, would transform the business service delivery landscape in Namibia,” he says.

The survey targeted the most important services for the typical Namibian and those that consumed 95% of the discretionary expenditure of the typical Namibian household.

“The data collected on these services is authoritative and makes compelling reading. In addition the methodology draws on international best practice uniquely adapted for the Namibian and possibly African market. In many ways this research is a first for Africa” says Prof Whyte.

The results will provide powerful insights for companies and managers in each of these industries.

The survey however, only tells us where the problems are, not how to fix them. For this the HP-GSB have organised the first Namibian Customer Service Awards in November.

The Namibian