Article – Profiling the Security Sector

October 29, 2014, 4:00pm

Article – Profiling the Security Sector

A famous Country and Western artist had success in the charts with a song a few years back called Walk on the Wild Side, clearly living in certain areas of Namibia is maybe not too dissimilar.  The security sector has a mandate to protect and serve citizens of the country.  Since many forces are failing to adequately serve their customers, one is left wondering if they are also failing to protect. This first ever multi-industry nationwide customer service survey collected over 7000 responses on customer service in Namibia, covering 12 industry sectors from Security to Telecommunications, making it the most comprehensive survey on customer service in Namibia and probably Africa.

The survey undertaken by the Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business in the Polytechnic of Namibia collected 650 responses on security services across the country.  The analytical process reduced the number of institutions down to sixteen (16) and it is these finalists that will be represented at the Awards ceremony on the 5th November at the Polytechnic’s new Health & Applied Sciences Building in Windhoek.  Competing for the Security Services Customer Service Excellence Award will be City Police, G4S and 14 branches of the Namibian Police including Gobabis,  Katima Mulilo, Luderitz, Okahandja, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Oshakati, Otiwarongo, Rehoboth, Rundu, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Wanaheda and Windhoek Main.

Main service drivers for the industry are in first place responsiveness of the service to the needs to the customer, next the ability of the service to recover from failures, reliability the extent to which the service is consistent and dependable, competence of staff to deliver the service expertly and efficiently and finally courtesy the degree to which staff are polite and respectful.  Identifying these service drivers provides companies with insight into what customers are looking for from their service encounter.  It guides them where to spend time and resources in training to obtain the maximum return on their investment.  A customer’s perception of service quality may vary for many reasons, but the factors that shape those perceptions will remain remarkably constant.

Drilling-down on key service drivers responsiveness tops the list, here City Police leads the group with a stunning 94% performance rating, one of the highest reported so far, with customers noting that City Police give prompt service and never too busy to respond and assist.  The next attribute is recovery here Katima Mulilo posted an exceptional rating of 92% with customers noting that the station takes complaints seriously, have a proactive approach for dealing with problems and compensate customers for inconvenience experienced due to service failures!

G4S leads the pack when it comes to reliability with a rating of 79% with customers noting that they perform service correctly first time.  Luderitz scored strongly for competence of staff with a rating of 89% and Walvis Bay rating 84% for courtesy.  By contrast how does the management of Okahandja justify a rating of 37% for courtesy of their staff!

Which organization or branch of police will walk away with the award for best customer service in this industry?  To find out you will have to attend the awards ceremony on the 5th November.  Tickets can be bought by contacting Conference Link on (061 251 014) or through the website

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Professor Grafton Whyte

Director – Harold Pupkewitz GSB