Boxer Pohamba Mandume unhappy with his management

29 Oct 2014 13:40pm
WINDHOEK, 29 OCT (NAMPA) – Namibian middleweight boxer Pohamba ‘The President’ Mandume is unhappy with Kinda Promotions for not getting him any big international title fights.
The boxer says his managers (Kinda Promotions) have been failing to organise any big fights for him, while they are giving other boxers in the same stable opportunities to fight for international titles.
Mandume is set to fight Lucas ‘The Demolisher’ Ndafoluma for the newly-formed National Junior Middleweight title at the Gateway Centre in Khomasdal this coming Saturday.
He told a media conference here on Tuesday that he is tired of being used as a mere “platform” for other boxers to step on so that they can reach greater heights in their boxing careers.
“This will be my last national title fight. After this, I will not fight for national titles again,” he said, addressing the media and his management team.
Mandume added: “I have fought with a lot of Namibian boxers who are now fighting for international titles, but I still remain the same guy who is being used to fight all upcoming boxers who will soon surpass me for bigger fights like the International Boxing Federation (IBF) or World Boxing Organisation (WBO) titles,” said Mandume.
He fumed that he is no longer a young man and should be treated with respect.
“I am tired of people using me as a platform to grow their fighters. Why don't I also get bigger fights,” the boxer demanded to know.
At the same media conference, Mandume became agitated and started using vulgar language when he was addressing Ndafoluma, his opponent for the Saturday fight.
Mandume's professional boxing record stands at five wins, six defeats and three draws.
His promoter Kinda Nangolo, who was also at the media conference, said it is difficult for Kinda Promotions to get bigger fights for a fighter if the boxer’s professional record does not speak for itself.
“In order to fight for bigger titles, you need to have a good record of wins. With Pohamba, at the moment, this is not the case. But we are trying our level best to keep him busy and build up a better record of wins before we can set up any bigger fights for him,” stated Nangolo.
Meanwhile the chairperson of Kinda Promotions, Nakale Nikanor also expressed great disappointment with the boxer’s attitude and conduct in the public sphere.
“This is not the platform to talk about such things. In boxing you cannot just get big fights like that. You need to have a sparkly clean record of wins and then things will come your way. One cannot buy title fights in a shop, so the only way to get IBF, WBO or World Boxing Association (WBA) fights is to win the small fights first,” said Nikanor.
Mandume previously held the Namibian Welterweight title after winning it from Tommy 'The Lion' Hango in May 2013. He lost that title to Anthony Jarman in March this year.
Tickets for Mandume’s 10-round fight against Ndafoluma this coming Saturday are on sale at N.dollars 50 for general seats and N.dollars 100 for VIP guests. Ringside tickets are N.dollars 200.
The fights will start at 18h00.