Namibia to build nuclear power plant simulator - Katali

29 Oct 2014 12:00pm
By Maggy Thomas
BEIJING, 29 OCT (NAMPA) – The government is looking to construct a nuclear power plant simulator in future to train Namibians in the use of nuclear power energy.
This was said by Mines and Energy Minister Isak Katali on Wednesday.
Katali, who is leading a team of officials from his ministry on a visit to China, told Nampa in an interview that they are here to discuss agreements on the peaceful use of atomic energy between Namibia and China, among other issues.
He indicated that the main aim of his visit is to look at training facilities of nuclear power plants in China.
“This is in line with our country's nuclear cycle policy, which provides for the establishment of a nuclear power plant.
We need to train our people on the use of nuclear power energy. We are currently producing uranium, and exporting it raw,” he stated.
Katali said Namibia must already start to prepare and train its people in the harvesting and use of nuclear power energy.
“Nuclear electricity is cheap and safe. We need to train our people in the use of nuclear energy so that we can construct a nuclear energy plant when the need arises. There will be no need to use expatriates, we will use our own skilled people,” he continued.
Nuclear energy is used to produce electricity, and is also used in medicine to treat cancer.
The Namibian delegation is expected to visit nuclear power plants and several nuclear energy training facilities.
They will also have a meeting with the China-based management of the Swakop Uranium mine.
The much-anticipated construction of Namibia’s Kudu gas plant will be among the topics of discussion during the visit in Beijing.
The delegation is expected back home next week.