Ueitele reprimands civil servants over state of Govt buildings

28 Oct 2014 13:20pm
AMINUIS, 28 OCT (NAMPA) – The Governor of the Omaheke Region has rapped civil servants in Aminuis over the knuckles for the poor maintenance of government facilities at the settlement.
Aminuis is the economic head of the Aminuis Constituency in the Omaheke Region, located some 170 kilometres south of Gobabis.
Festus Ueitele, who was in Aminuis to witness the handing over of cheques to community projects in environmental conservation by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism on Monday, took issue with the condition of some of the government facilities here.
Ueitele made specific reference to some facilities at the hall of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, which he said are in a deplorable state despite the building being less than five years old.
He said ablution facilities were not in a proper state of cleanliness, while the general appearance of the entire hall was not pleasing.
“This is unacceptable. How do you people survive here? Who is supposed to clean up here and why is the person not doing his or her job? I do not want to see such a thing happening in a government building at all,” he said.
A clearly irritated Ueitele prompted answers from the community members present, most of whom were civil servants around the Aminuis settlement. When a reply came from the crowd that there were no cleaners hired for the upkeep of the facilities, Ueitele reacted by condemning such views.
“So if there are no cleaners hired here you people will continue to live in this mess? Why can't you clean up yourselves? What is wrong with your hands? This mentality has got to stop. Take responsibility for once,” he stressed.
Aminuis Constituency Councillor Erwin Uanguta, who was also in attendance at the event, responded to the governor's call by inviting all civil servants and other stakeholders making use of government facilities to an urgent meeting next Monday, aimed at finding lasting solutions to issues plaguing government infrastructure.