Struggle kids join RDP

October 27, 2014, 10:22am

Struggle kids join RDP

OSHAKATI – About seven ‘struggle kids’ received Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) membership cards at a rally held on Saturday at the Oshakati Stadium.

At the fully packed stadium RDP President Hidipo Hamutenya vowed that in the RDP-led government the youth and women would be fully engaged in the development of the country.

Certain of victory in the upcoming election in November, Hamutenya told his supporters he has the ability to change the country in the next five years.

“They know I can deliver, that is why they keep calling me back to Swapo. We do not believe in a one-party state and we will never believe in that philosophy,” said Hamutenya.

The RDP president alleged that the ruling party has failed the country and its people. He said his party cannot continue in the path of Swapo – “of self-destruction” – when they have the answer in their hands.

“A Swapo government is what is wrong with this country. It is time it retires, give us five years to show that Swapo has failed you,” said Hamutenya.

The RDP president urged party supporters not to just rally for seats in the National Assembly, but to ensure that they vote for a president as well.

He said that in the next five years his party would ensure that poverty, corruption and diseases are alleviated.

He said that they cannot continue to be glued to the same party that has forgotten the aims of the liberation struggle, adding that the Swapo-led government is leading a hungry nation.

“There is nothing to be proud of, they are leading a hungry nation,” said Hamutenya.

Also speaking at the event the RDP secretary for information and publicity Jeremiah Nambinga advised supporters to vote for change and not to please individuals.

“You don’t get anything for voting, so don’t vote for the sake of voting unless you are voting to bring change in your life,” said Nambinga.