Shack fire leaves single mother homeless

26 Oct 2014 12:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 26 OCT (NAMPA) – A single mother of two from Swakopmund is seeking public assistance after most of her earthly belongings were destroyed in a fire that gutted her shack on Thursday.
Speaking to Nampa on Sunday, Martha Amutana said a neighbour who lit a fire near Amutana's shack did not put it out and as a result the wind blew the fire onto her shack, burning everything in its way.
Amutana said she and her children - aged two and six - lost everything they own in the fire, including their beds, blankets, food, cellphones and clothes.
'We did not save a single thing from the fire. I am only left with the gum boots I was wearing at work that day and my children only have the clothes they had on that day,' said construction worker Amutana.
She said they are now temporarily accommodated at a friend’s house in the DRC informal settlement.
Amutana told Nampa that she did not take any legal action against the neighbour, as she believes it was not a deliberate action.
She therefore humbly requests any good Samaritans to come to their aid and assist them with food, blankets and some building materials to allow them to reconstruct their shack.
Since the beginning of this year, approximately 300 people were left homeless by shack fires in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.
Last month, residents of the Mondesa residential area who lost property in fires, requested the municipality to provide them with fire-fighting training to put out fires as quickly as possible.
Alternatively, they want members of their communities to be employed as fire fighters, so that when fire break out, they do not have to wait for Municipal fire fighters.
The community also called for the erection of more fire hydrants in residential and informal settlements to supply water in case of a fire outbreak.