NABCOA Becomes Healthworks Business Coalition

October 23, 2014, 12:20pm

NABCOA Becomes Healthworks Business Coalition

On 16 October 2014, the Namibia Business Coalition on AIDS (NABCOA) launched its new name and Corporate Identity. The new name “Healthworks Business Coalition” marks the first step in a strategic transformation that NABCOA is undergoing.

NABCOA (now Healthworks Business Coalition) was established in 2003 to engage the private sector in the National response to HIV and AIDS mandated by MTPIII as a leading agency with the responsibility of “Mobilising the private sector efforts in the national response to HIV/AIDS and its impacts in Namibia”.

NABCOA recognised the need to consider the landscape of increasing emphasis on broader health & wellness focus, sustainability and self-reliance for the Namibian HIV and AIDS response. This called for a fresh corporate branding as well as a new name to accompany this transformational plan.

During the launch of NABCOA’s new name “Healthworks Business Coalition” Peter J. van Wyk, Chief Executive Officer of Healthworks said that after more than ten years of growth it’s time for NABCOA to adapt to the continuously changing environment, while keeping its role and responsibilities as the umbrella organisation for the private sector institutions involved in the HIV and AIDS response.

HEALTHWORKS BUSINESS COALITION, in short HEALTHWORKS has an intentional double connotation. First, it is an organisation involved in Workplace Health and secondly, the corporate strategy of investing in Health in the workplace is one that ‘Works’ from a business perspective. The retention of ‘Business Coalition’ in the name and logo signifies continuity in evolving from NABCOA to Healthworks, which is the trading name of the organisation.

Mary-Anne Kahitu, Chief of Health Services at the City of Windhoek stated that many companies both within this country and beyond, have developed their own brand initiatives in an effort to remain competitive. She continued by saying, if companies or organisations do not proactively and positively manage their brands, they will fall victim to the market defining who and what they are.

NABCOA’s previous services and membership model will stay under Healthworks and the company will keep its mandate to mobilize and coordinate the private sector response to HIV and AIDS. However, Products and services will be added that go beyond a membership and the original focus on HIV and AIDS.

Abner Xoagub, Deputy Director Employees Benefits at office of the Prime Minister highlighted the good collaboration between NABCOA and the government. He described the relationship as strong and professional since the beginning of NABCOA’s existence. He also emphasised the importance of the continued Government support to NABCOA under its new name and extended support and best wishes to Healthworks Business Coalition in the future.

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