How did Butterphly remain in BBA Hotshots - Lillian, Esther

October 22, 2014, 2:47pm

How did Butterphly remain in BBA Hotshots? — Lillian, Esther

Tinashe Sibanda
Entertainment Reporter

EVICTED housemates Evicted Hotshots Big Brother Africa (BBA) Hotshots Lillian (Nigeria) and Esther (Uganda) yesterday said they expected Butterphly to leave before them.

In a telephone interview with NewsDay, the two ladies said they were both shocked when they left the Big Brother house during the eviction show on Sunday evening.

Popular Lillian was first to be evicted from the house, surprising a lot of people and her other country representative, Tayo, before Esther was called out.
“I was totally shocked when I was evicted before someone like Butterphly who did not showcase herself by displaying her strengths and even talents in the house. One question I will pose is: How many times did she even come out on television or, better yet, do anything to be remembered for?” she expressed disbelief.

Lillian, who was known for her twerking moves, even gave the audiences, one last time, a freestyle rap and twerking performance before the next eviction.

Esther, from Uganda, was the second housemate to be evicted and unlike the energetic Lillian, she walked out without giving the audiences any form of live entertainment, but yesterday she also revealed to NewsDay that she was shocked as well to have been evicted before Butterphly who had nothing interesting to remain for.

“What did she [Butterphly] even do in the house? It was a platform to display to Africa who she was and showcase her talents, but she just didn’t do anything,” Esther said.

Both Lillian and Esther said that although they were now out of the competition, they hoped that Tayo would be the ultimate winner of the show.
As if it wasn’t enough of surprises for the day, Sabina (Kenya) was the next person to be evicted making her the fifth woman to be ejected from Big Brother Hotshots after having thought she was safe.

“I really didn’t see it coming, but it’s OK. I’m going to stay positive and move on with my life although I will definitely miss moments like making music with Permithias and JJ,” she said.

Sabina added that she expected people like Frankie, Laveda and Permithias to be evicted. She also said she was so scared for her friend JJ as well because he was in a tight spot.

She added that she, however, wished that her country mate, Alusa, would be the winner of this year’s big prize because he was creative and talented and also because he was a family man with a wife and three children so he would probably make good use of the money.

However, she also expressed her concerns on whether this year’s show would be an all-men game looking at the rate at which the females had been evicted in the first two weeks.

With five ladies having already departed Big Brother Hotshots after the first two evictions, three more are in danger of leaving on Sunday, after this week’s nominations.

Ellah (Uganda), Laveda (Tanzania) and M’am Bea (Ghana) are on the chopping block, but can, however, chance their survival luck as JJ (Zimbabwe), Alusa (Kenya), Macky2 (Zambia) and Permithias (Namibia) are men who have also been nominated.


Laveda led the nomination charge with 11 nods, followed by Nhlanhla (8); Permithias (7); JJ (4) and M’am Bea, Ellah and Alusa with 3 each.
Butterphly, together with her Team B mates, remain immune from nomination after their Extravaganza win thanks to their Bollywood skills.