People should refrain from eating monkey meat: Sikongo

22 Oct 2014 13:30pm
RUNDU, 22 OCT (NAMPA) - Kahenge Constituency Councillor Joseph Sikongo has urged inhabitants of both the Kavango East and West regions to refrain from eating monkey and baboon meat as he said the practice holds health risks.
Some inhabitants of the two regions, especially those living in remote areas, have in recent years started eating the meat of monkeys and baboons, with some saying droughts forced them to eat whatever was available.
The Kahenge Councillor said during an interview with Nampa on Tuesday some of the viruses currently circulating around the world are a result of people eating foodstuffs which were considered unfit for human consumption before.
He said he recently came across workers on his farm preparing monkey meat as a meal.
Sikongo cautioned that the Ebola virus which has led to thousands of deaths in West Africa has been linked to the consumption of the meat of apes, and cautioned people to avoid eating this type of meat.
Some inhabitants of the regions have also started eating donkey meat which was previously not eaten in the region traditionally.
Namibia is amongst others home to the Vervet monkey and Chacma baboon.