"One farmer one farm" under Nudo

21 Oct 2014 09:40am
OTUANI, 21 OCT (NAMPA) – A National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) government will introduce a principle of “one farmer one farm”, the party’s Secretary-General Meundju Jahanika says.
He made the statement during a Nudo rally on Saturday at the Otuani village, about 80 kilometres south-west of Opuwo.
It was attended by about 350 people.
“Land is the economy and economy is land, and the Nudo government will introduce a principle of 'one farmer one farm',” said Jahanika.
He added that the Nudo government will not allow foreigners to buy land in Namibia for farming purposes, but will permit foreigners to hire land in Namibia to use for business purposes only.
Jahanika said his party will do away with the system of awarding 20 hectares of land for resettlement purposes on communal land to Namibians, and leave the decision of how much land to leave in the hands of traditional leaders in collaboration with the central government.
“The Nudo resettlement policy would resettle people on commercial land for farming and in towns for residing,” he noted.
On agriculture, Nudo promised to provide drought relief funds to assist farmers during drought seasons.
It will also remove the ‘Redline’ or the veterinary cordon fence in the Otjikoto Region which aims to stop animal diseases from spreading south of the fence.
He added that if voted into power, Nudo will do away with the current set-up of the Namibian president appointing regional governors, and instead fill such positions via ballots at regional level.
Jahanika also promised voters that his government will make positions of local councillors, especially those of mayor and chairperson of the management committee full-time positions.