Konjore calls for smoking laws to be applied to drinking

20 Oct 2014 16:07pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 20 OCT (NAMPA) – Former Member of Parliament, Rev. Willem Konjore called for urgent interventions to address alcohol misuse in Namibia.
He directly addressed Minister of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) Richard Kamwi after the latter's speech on the latest health developments and specific achievements by his ministry.
During a meeting with his staff members in Keetmanshoop on Friday, Kamwi highlighted the strides made by the MoHSS in banning smoking in public, amongst other successes.
He said it took many years, but he was now proud that laws are in place now prohibiting smoking in public places such as restaurants, hotels, schools, airports and health facilities, thus protecting the health of non-smokers, babies and children.
After Kamwi’s speech, Konjore approached the podium and made an impassioned plea to the minister, asking that the same laws and regulations applied to smoking be applied to alcohol use in the country.
“Alcohol is destroying our nation. It is a very serious matter, and massive problem that we have to give our whole attention to,” he charged.
Konjore bemoaned the easy access to alcohol, saying it increased the use of the intoxicant.
“Can you imagine that we now buy alcohol with our food in supermarkets,” he exclaimed.
“What is worse is that shebeens are now even taking over at farm posts,” he continued.
Konjore said the situation had to be arrested immediately, and that interventions had to start at the highest level to rescue the future of the nation.