Nujoma addresses Swapo star rally in Oshikuku

20 Oct 2014 07:50am
OSHIKUKU, 20 OCT (NAMPA) – Government is establishing a Rural Development Centre (RDC) at the Ogongo settlement in conjunction with the Omusati Regional Council.
Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma said this during the Swapo-Party election campaign star rally held at the Omusati Region's Oshikuku Constituency on Saturday.
Nujoma said the first construction phase of the Ogongo RDC is already completed while its second phase, which entails the installation of services, is underway.
“Phase three will start in the 2015/16 financial year, at a total cost of N.dollars 11.6 million,” he said.
Nujoma said the Ogongo RDC is being established for improved rural services and development.
He stressed that the Swapo Party-led government has remained determined to spare no effort and to allocate resources to ensure that Namibian people have access to basic amenities.
He pointed out that at the Okalongo Settlement, also in the Omusati Region, Government is planning to install sewer reticulation, oxidation ponds and a pump station.
This construction is to be started this financial year at an amount of N.dollars 15.9 million.
“The same applies for the Onesi and Tsandi settlements, with the latter also including the installation of electricity services,” Nujoma said.
He also mentioned other construction projects completed or underway in the Omusati Region such as the Oshikuku to Ekangolinene gravel road, and the tarring of the Oshikuku to Onamutuku road, Omakange to Iitananga road and Omakange to Ruacana road.
Nujoma used the same platform to urge people of the Omusati Region to vote overwhelmingly for the Swapo-Party and to ensure that the party's presidential candidate Dr Hage Geingob emerges victorious in the 28 November elections.