Erongo Powersave Street Mile draws hundreds of runners

19 Oct 2014 18:30pm
OMARURU, 19 OCT (NAMPA) - The Erongo Powersave Street Mile drew almost 600 athletes to Omaruru in the Erongo Region on Saturday.
Well-known names in senior category were Beate Naigambo, Siglinde !Gontes, Selma Ekandjo, Salomon David and Rainhold Thomas.
This was the second edition of the 1.6 kilometre road run, which started at the town last year.
Although the weather conditions were a little windy, the athletes performed well and the hundreds of spectators could feast their eyes on some good running.
One of the organisers of the event, Erongo regional director of sports Berthold Karumendu told Nampa after the event he is “more than happy” with how it turned out as he has a vision for the town and for sport in general.
“I’m telling you the race will grow. Almost 600 athletes entered for this year's Erongo Powersave Street Mile,” he said.
Karumendu said he is convinced that there are a lot of undiscovered talented athletes in Namibia. One such athlete who took part in Saturday’s race was from a rural area close to Omatjete in the Erongo Region.
“Hans Bee, a San boy from the Kangwe Primary School in the Erongo Region came first in the primary boys category. I want to call on the business community to come on board and invest in athletes like this,” he said.
Bee, who ran the race without running shoes, completed the street mile in a time of five minutes and 16 point two seconds (5:16:02), finishing more than three seconds before the second athlete.
“The boy showed us the talent is there. He has a future, but the community must invest in him to help him grow,” he said.
Tuulikki Martin from the Omaruru Town Council commended the organisers and athletes.
“This street mile put Omaruru, the region and Namibia on the sports map,” Martin said.
Government provided transport for some of the athletes from as far as Opuwo and Aranos.
The event was made possible by sponsors like Coca-Cola, Marathon Sugar, First National Bank Namibia, and Powersave.
Besides the medals, the participants also received cash prizes varying between N.dollars 700 and N.dollars 3 000.
The results are as follows:

Primary Girls:
1. Selma Makayi (5:47:07)
2. Inocentia Haingara (5:54:32)
3. Martha Masheke (6:03:36)

Primary Boys:
1. Hans Bee (5:16:02)
2.Philip Sisenge (5:19:72)
3. Elrico Haraseb (5:22:70)

Junior Women:
1. M Namutunya (5:18:24)
2. Sarah Martin (5:18:62)
3. Silvia Shiyove (5:29:83)

Junior Men:
1. Ananias Simon (4:34:88)
2. N. Kornelius (4:36:36)
3. E.Hausiku (4:38:29)

Veteran Women:
1. Sieglinde !Gontes (6:42:00)
2. Selma Ekandjo (7:49:43)
3. Laurensia Elago (8:57:18)

Veteran Men:
1. Salomon David (5:03:05)
2. Mathias Kanisiu (5:23:26)
3. Johannes Paulus (5:23:60)

Masters Women:
1. Helena Samwel (9:52:82)
2. N. Philipus (9:59:25)
3. N. Ottile (12:22:54)

Masters Men:
1. George Mukuahima (5:53:21)
2. Albert Papama (6:02:38)
3. Manie Ross (7:20:00)

Senior Women:
1. Beata Naigambo (5:09:12)
2. Mwuyamhafo Josef (5:23:18)
3. Rauna Lucas (5:29:69)

Senior Men:
1. Rainhold Tomas (4:19:89)
2. Kuugongelwa Uveni-nawa (4:21:95)
3. Komeya Oskar (4:23:21)