CoD on village-to-village campaign in Endola Constituency

18 Oct 2014 10:30am
ENDOLA, 18 OCT (NAMPA) – The Congress of Democrats (CoD)’s candidate for the Endola Constituency by-election, Venda Denis Kahangu says his village-to-village campaign within the constituency is gaining momentum.
Speaking to Nampa at Endola village on Thursday, Kahangu said several new members joined the CoD during the support mobilisation campaign.
“We are hard at work in the field trying to mobilise people for both the Endola Constituency by-election and the Presidential and National Assembly elections taking place in November this year,” he said.
The CoD’s coordinator in the Ohangwena Region, Boas Mwapopi is spearheading Kahangu’s campaign and is using the party’s young field workers to mobilise possible supporters.
“The campaign is fine and, apart from some villagers who are determined to die as Swapo members, others have shown to us that they are tired of the ruling party’s dominance and want change this time around,” said Mwapopi.
He noted that more than 40 villagers were recruited as new CoD members at cuca shops at Ehafo village during their campaign on Thursday.
“We are prepared to put the Swapo government aside and take over the country leadership after the election this year,” he said.
He at the same time called on the electorate to vote for change and to desist from voting for Swapo just because it is the liberation movement that spearheaded the struggle for Namibia’s freedom and independence.
“The liberation struggle is over, now is the time for economic liberation and if you vote for the CoD, you vote for the party that will accelerate economic development for the benefit of every Namibian citizen,” Mwapopi said.
He went on to say some residents of the Endola Constituency have indicated that they want a councillor from a different political party, as the previous councillors, who were all from the Swapo-Party, allegedly failed them.
“People told us that previous councillors only sat in their offices after being elected, neglecting the interest of the communities and forgetting that their duty is to look after the needs of the electorate,” Mwapopi said.
Noah Tuhadeleni (Swapo) was the first councillor of the Endola Constituency, and was replaced by Ruth Kepawa Nhinda (Swapo), who passed away in August this year.
Ferdinand Shifidi of the Swapo-Party and Hafeni Pius of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) are the other candidates for the Endola Constituency by-election.
The election is scheduled to take place on 07 November.