Otjozondjupa commemorates World Food Day at Farm Neu Sommerau

17 Oct 2014 12:10pm
KOMBAT, 17 OCT (NAMPA) – World Food Day was commemorated at the Neu Sommerau government resettlement farm in the Otjozondjupa Region on Thursday.
World Food Day is commemorated worldwide on 16 October every year, and in this region, the hosting rotates between the seven constituencies annually.
Farm Neu Sommerau is situated less than three kilometres south of Kombat in the Otjozondjupa Region’s Otavi Constituency.
Okahandja Constituency Councillor Steve Biko Booys delivered the keynote speech to the more than 1 000 people here.
He called on all inhabitants of the region to fight hunger and poverty head-on.
“Let us start at this government farm, and produce enough food for each family unit living on the farm,” he noted.
He indicated that if the residents of Neu Sommerau start cultivating fruit and vegetables behind their houses, they should not struggle with hunger.
Booys further stated that Namibians are not supposed to starve because they can cultivate food on government resettlement farms for own consumption, and sell the produce they do not use to generate an income.
He also discouraged food hand-outs from other nations or established international organisations.
“We should not even depend on imported foodstuffs like potatoes, onions, cabbage or maize meal because right here at Neu Sommerau, we can produce enough for everyone and export the leftovers,” he stated.
Speaking on behalf of the farm’s residents, 71-year-old Usla Gaeses told Nampa that Namibians should cultivate food to eat during good rainy seasons, and keep some grains until the next farming season.
“We are not supposed to suffer from hunger, even at this farm, because there is fertile land, plenty of underground water and we have farming implements donated to us like tractors,” she said.
The Otjozondjupa Regional Council organised the event, and also treated all attendants to lunch at the farm.
Farm Neu Sommerau was purchased by government on 02 October 2001 for the resettlement of about 203 households.
The resettlement of these households was finalised in 2003, and now about 1 000 people reside here.
Neu Sommerau occupies about 9 311 hectares.
Crop-farming takes place on 2 218 hectares of land, and 7 093 is reserved for livestock farming.