Isidingo actor goes pink in support of breast cancer awareness

October 16, 2014, 11:15am

Johannesburg - Breast cancer is not just a women’s issue, says Isidingo’s hot new bad boy Hamilton Radebe – or Anthony Oseyemi as he is known off-screen.

Oseyemi has thrown his considerable charm behind Relate Bracelets’ PinkDrive bracelet campaign to raise awareness for breast health.

"Men get breast cancer too says Oseyemi, "but also, while all men are aware of breast cancer, many stay silent on the topic thinking that it’s not appropriate to talk about it.”

Which is why Oseyemi is donning hot pink beads.

This veteran of the stage, the silver screen and the small screen - who is also a musician and screenwriter – chose to champion PinkDrive because he knows that all the money being raised is going to be used to educate people on breast health and do medical screenings.

The PinkDrive bracelets are made by Relate Bracelets, which, says Oseyemi, is a not-for-profit organisation run on business principles, and focused on accountability and transparency in all its practices.

"The increased efficiency and effectiveness of this allows the organisation to do even more for the people it seeks to help."


Relate is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise that creates opportunities to change lives through the making and selling of handmade beads. The R-bead on every single Relate bracelet is a symbol you can trust and guarantees that the bracelet is 100% not for profit.

Relate Co-Founder Lauren Gillis says having a strong, independent man like Oseyemi joining Relate Bracelets’ movement for change on an issue such as breast health awareness should be an inspiration for others to do the same.

"Men get breast cancer, but so do their wives, partners and daughters. It’s one of the most prevalent cancers among women and early screening sees such positive outcomes, which is why breast cancer should be something that men discuss in their homes with their families.

"Anthony has such passion for this cause and for the work that we do at Relate and we’re thrilled to have him on board as such a positive ambassador and role model for others."


Relate’s uniquely sustainable business model sees approximately one third of bracelet proceeds donated to specific causes, in this case PinkDrive, one third providing earning opportunities and skills training for local bracelet-makers and creating local enterprise development initiatives, and one third covering material and running costs.

PinkDrive is the Public Benefit Organisation powering South Africa’s first mobile PinkDrive Mammography Unit and PinkDrive Educational Unit, which travels around South Africa offering free clinical breast examinations and mammograms to all medically uninsured men and women.

"We need to be active campaigners for early detection of breast cancer," says Oseyemi. "And we can do that by supporting fundraising for these units, whose sole purpose it is to detect breast cancer early enough to do something about it.”

So get your beads on boys. The flavour of the month is pink.

Courtesy of Channel24