New primary school for Opuwo

16 Oct 2014 11:00am
OPUWO, 16 OCT (NAMPA) – Feasibility studies were carried out for the construction of a new primary school in Opuwo’s Otuzemba residential area in September this year.
The Director of Education for the Kunene Region, Simon Tsuseb told Nampa on Thursday that the new N.dollars 20,5 million school will be able to accommodate 800 learners upon completion.
“The process has started, and teams conducting the feasibility studies visited the plot for that purpose,” he noted.
Besides the classrooms, two flats for teachers and a house for the principal will also be constructed to ensure that there is adequate accommodation for school staff members.
Currently, Opuwo only has one school which accommodates pre-primary to Grade 4 learners.
It is, however, so overcrowded that the pre-primary classes are taking place in hostel blocks which have been converted into classrooms.
The Opuwo Junior Primary school was started in 1972 with 38 learners.
It has the capacity to accommodate 560 learners, but currently has 970 learners.
Tsuseb said while the planning of the new school takes place, plans are also underway to buy tents which would be erected on the grounds of the new school or at another setting to be identified.
Once the feasibility studies are completed, the tender process will commence.
Tsuseb could not say when exactly construction would start and when it would end, but said it is expected to be completed soon.