MAWF lift restrictions at Ihana

15 Oct 2014 16:00

The Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry (MAWF) has lifted restrictions in the Zambezi region following a suspected outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) that was detected in August this year.

MAWF said that the suspected outbreak of foot and mouth disease at Ihana Crushpen has been successfully brought under control and that measures imposed to specially deal with the outbreak have been lifted with immediate effect. This was achieved following booster vaccination of 45 526 cattle within a 40km radius of Ihana Crushpen and the intensified inspection and movement control throughout the Zambezi region.

The lifting of restrictions means that movement of cloven-hoofed animals (cattle, sheep and game animals) within the region is now permitted under the cover of an official veterinary permit, the movement of animal derived products and plant material out of the region may be permitted under the cover of an official veterinary permit.

The lifting also means that the containment zone established around Ihana Crushpen for the purpose of controlling the outbreak has been lifted and routine surveillance activities will remain in place to ensure early detection of diseases. The MAWF plans to have a routine vaccination against foot and mouth diseases and lung sickness (FMD and CBPP) for the whole eastern Zambezi from 20 October 2014 to 26 November 2014. The campaign will also include cattle that were vaccinated in the 40km radius of Ihana and at the same time to involve cattle inspection of checking for FMD and other diseases.