Namoloh reignites chieftaincy battle

October 15, 2014, 10:12am

Namoloh reignites chieftaincy battle

The OvaMbanderu chieftaincy battle has been reignited by Minister of Regional and Local Government Charles Namoloh, who has indicated he will appeal a court order that he should approve the designation of Deputy Minister of Works and Transport Kilus Nguvauva. Namibian Sun understands the Office of the Attorney-General is consulting with a senior South African lawyer in terms of the appeal.

Approached for comment yesterday to confirm whether the minister had approved his designation, Kilus said: “No he did not.

But I can confirm that the minister indicated his intention to appeal against the court order.” He said he is ready for the legal battle with Namoloh. Meanwhile, another faction, aligned to Aletha Nguvauva, the wife of the late Chief, Munjuku Nguvauva II, also rejected the High Court order. The group issued a media statement claiming the Kilus appointment was biased. The group said the judgment is an attempt to resuscitate the issue of electing a traditional chief, which was earlier rejected by both


Such a process, the group argues, will provide credibility to Kilus as a contestant in the chieftaincy race.

Judge Collins Parker, in his judgment on October 2, ordered Namoloh to approve Kilus’s designation before yesterday’s


Parker had found that upon the death of Keharanjo Nguvauva on April 9, 2011, the minister was under an obligation to approve Kilus’s designation in terms of the provisions of the Traditional Authorities Act.

Parker added that Aletha had earlier launched an intervening application, which the judge dismissed as irrelevant.

The opposing faction, in an unsigned statement, affirmed its confidence in Aletha’s leadership.

“The judgment, if implemented to the letter and spirit, will lead to the violation of the OvaMbanderu customary law, in so far as accession to the OvaMbanderu leadership is concerned,” the media release read.

It further pointed out that the OvaMbanderu customary law still stands.

The group resolved that they will go ahead with consultations with Namoloh to pursue Aletha’s application for recognition, which was submitted in May 2011.

They further mandated the leadership to pursue an administrative route to secure the recognition of Aletha as the chief of the OvaMbanderu community.

The faction said it reserves the community’s right to continue with its litigation against the imposition of leadership upon it, which is culturally undesirable in terms of the OvaMbanderu laws.

They also expressed concern over the death threats directed against senior councillor Erastus Kahuure. The matter is allegedly still being investigated by the Namibian Police.

The community is advocating for the prosecution of the culprits, who allegedly include senior government officials.

“The community was of the strong opinion that the perpetrators which include senior government officials be brought to book in the short possible time.”

Fred Goeieman: Namibian Sun