NEFF will ensure that 50% of youth are employed

11 Oct 2014 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 11 OCT (NAMPA) – The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) says that if voted into power, 50 per cent of the Namibian youth would be employed in all government departments, public and private institutions.
The party will also run an accountable, corrupt-free government which will interact with citizens on a regular basis.
These declarations are part of the NEFF 2014 Election Manifesto launched at the UN Plaza on Saturday.
“The NEFF Election Manifesto takes account of the reality that there is enough wealth for everybody in Namibia. Currently, this wealth is spread in a deeply unequal manner due to the greediness of the ruling elite. Those who own the lion’s share of the Namibian wealth today acquired it by the selection of the selfish political elite,” the party’s manifesto stated.
A NEFF government will create and advance quality, sustainable jobs to achieve full employment between the years 2015 and 2020.
The party also promised to provide quality and free education, skills and training for the poor, while supplying libraries, Internet services, laboratories and computer labs particularly for rural and semi-urban schools.
Quality housing and sanitation for all, is also high on the party’s agenda.
Another top priority of NEFF would be to transform the State into a “people’s driven state, and a government accessible for all people”.
The party promised to increase social grants which include grants for the elderly and people living with disabilities, war veterans as well as orphan and vulnerable children.
According to the manifesto, NEFF would deliver food security by increasing agricultural productivity to feed all the people of Namibia without reliance on imported food and agricultural products.
The party also promised to abolish the tender system as well as the contract labour system.
In its quest for economic reform, NEFF would nationalise all mines in models of “our own style” that will be suitable for the continued productivity of the mines in Namibia.
The money and profits generated from nationalised mines will mean that private and individual tax payers will pay less tax and have access to quality public service.
“These are genuine commitments which will bring about real economic transformation. These are commitments, which will lift Namibia and its people to an elevated position in the world. These are commitments which will leave a long lasting, positive and meaningful legacy for generations to come,” read the manifesto.