RDP candidate demands payment for village headmen

08 Oct 2014 18:40pm
OSHAWAPALA, 08 OCT (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) candidate for the Endola Constituency by-election, Hafeni Pius demands that all traditional leaders in the country be paid “motivation allowances”.
Speaking to Nampa at the Oshawapala village after registering his candidacy with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) on Monday, Pius stated that he will embark upon a campaign for all traditional leaders to get Government allowances once elected.
According to him, the government only pays senior traditional leaders for the services they deliver to their communities.
“Junior traditional leaders such as village headmen are serving the community on empty stomachs. This injustice needs to be addressed, because village headmen perform the duties that are similar to that of senior headmen,” Pius argued.
He went on to say that village headmen also travel long distances to community centres and their headquarters for meetings on their own cost, but yet no payment is given to them for such undertakings.
“Senior headmen should also volunteer themselves in the performance of their duties if allowances cannot be given to their juniors who are mostly poor and unemployed citizens of this nation,” demanded Pius, who is the headman of the Endola Constituency’s Ehafo village.
He pledged that no political party flag or campaign materials/posters will be displayed at the constituency office once he is elected as a councillor.
“The constituency office is to attend to all residents, irrespective of their political affiliation. Therefore, it is not to be used as a ground to promote the interest of the political party where the serving councillor is from,” Pius explained.
He was supported by the RDP Ohangwena regional secretary, Timo Shikongo who told this news agency that he was disappointed to see political party campaign posters displayed on the notice board at the Endola Constituency office.
“Campaign materials of the Swapo-Party were displayed in the boardroom at the constituency office on Monday when we went there to register our party candidate. This was supposed not to be the case in a government office funded with taxpayers’ money,” Shikongo said.
He also expressed concern that the ECN officer, who was there to register candidates, used the same boardroom to do the registration without considering the removal of political party campaign posters from the notice board.
“This shows how partial officials of the ECN are, and we have lost trust that they will administer the election without fear or favour,” Shikongo noted.
Residents of the Endola Constituency in the Ohangwena Region will go to the polls to elect their new councillor on 07 November, following the death of that constituency’s former councillor, Ruth Kepawa Nhinda, in August this year.
Ferdinand Ingashipola Shifidi of the Swapo-Party and Venda Denis Kahangu of the Congress of Democrats (CoD) are the other two candidates for the Endola Constituency by-election.