Swapo and RDP's candidates for Endola Constituency by-election

06 Oct 2014 18:20pm
OSHAWAPALA, 06 OCT (NAMPA) – Swapo and the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) are the only two political parties which have shown interest thus far in the Endola Constituency by-election in the Ohangwena Region.
The Swapo-Party has nominated retired school principal Ferdinand Shifidi as its candidate for the said by-election, while the RDP will be represented by the headman of Ehafo la Pius village, Hafeni Pius.
The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)'s Returning Officer for the Endola Constituency by-election, Kerthu Shipoke told Nampa at the Oshawapala village on Monday that it is proposed for the by-election to take place on 07 November.
The death of the former Ohangwena regional councillor for Endola Constituency, Ruth Kepawa Nhinda, in August this year necessitated the by-election.
The late Nhinda served the community of Endola on a Swapo-Party ticket as from 2004, and she was one of only two women members of the 11-member Ohangwena Regional Council.
She was also a member of the National Council until her death.
The other woman on the Ohangwena Regional Council, Maria Tuleingepo Kombwana, also passed away in May this year.
Kombwana was replaced by another retired school principal, Johannes Hakanyome during the by-election held at the Ohangwena Constituency a few months ago.
Ohangwena will thus be served by a man-only regional council after the Endola Constituency by-election in November this year.